(Frequently Asked Questions)


1- How Do I Receive The Courses In Your Website?

you will receive the courses via Download Link. please notice that our download links are fast speed and they support Maximum speed of your internet, moreover the download links are lifetime and you can use the course on any device. you can download the course and have it on your hard drive for ever too.


2- How Do I Purchase Courses From Your Website?

Simply place your order in our website and provide us with your email in checkout page, we will contact you and will send the download link of course for you, also you can ask sample for courses before your purchase. for more information please read the “How To Buy” Page  👉🏻 https://medicalcourse.store/how-to-buy/


3- How Do I Trust your website and make sure it is not scam?

about trusting issues, we value your concern and provide multiple method to make sure about your purchase , please mention that:

1- you can ask sample before purchasing any course to make sure we have it
2- we are one of best rated and premium quality brands , high rank on google and well known , if we were a scam we could not such popular and high ranked
3- your payment will be processed with most trusted payment gateways and we dont accept Direct payment by credit card to make you sure that your card details will be safe , all of our payments is processed by “paypal” which is the most trusted payment gateway worldwide and it provides strict rights for both sides (seller and customer). thus you can experience a secure and legit transaction.


4- Why Prices Are So Cheap In Your Website?

Our main goal is to make best quality and premium medical courses available at affordable prices and that is why we have reduced the prices by huge amount. our main goal is to help, this way everyone can take benefit of using decent board review and cme courses and update their knowledge. the price for most of courses is less than 10% of original price and it will make the available for everyone to use it. the most important point to notice is that we provide you with Download Link of course, it means you will have the course for ever (not for a limited period of time) and you can use it and review it anytime you liked.


5- I Need a Course But I Can Find It In Your Website, How Can I Request?

If you are looking for a course which is not yet available in our website, Simply Contact Us Via “Contact Us Page”👉🏻 https://medicalcourse.store/contact-us/

and let us know about the course you need, we will try to make it available for you at most affordable price.


6- I’m Willing To Buy Multiple Courses From Your Website, Do You Provide Any Discount?

although our prices are already the minimum prices , but we can help you with it and provide you with 15-20% discount on multiple purchases from our website


7- I Have a Question Which is not mentioned in your “FAQ Page” , How can i ask it?

you can contact us anytime using Whatsapp or Email or Contact Form in our website, we will be so happy to hear from you and help you with your needs, dont hesitate to ask us, for more information please view “Contact Us Page”👉🏻 https://medicalcourse.store/contact-us/